Your referral

Coming to King’s MSK for your treatment means you get to see the right specialist at the right time. Your GP remains involved in your care,  but because we offer a full range of services – therapies, pain, rheumatology and orthopaedic surgery – you don’t need to go back to them to be referred to other specialists. If you need to see a pain, rheumatology or orthopaedic surgery consultant, you will be offered a choice of NHS healthcare providers.

Here we explain what happens after you are referred to us. Contact us if you want to change or cancel your appointment or have any other queries.

Stage 1 – referral

Once your GP has referred you to us, our expert team will review your case and decide which of our specialists you need to see. If you have any preference for where you have your treatment, please tell your GP.

Stage 2 – first appointment

Our booking team will contact you to offer you a convenient appointment for one of the following:

  • assessment, including tests and investigations
  • therapy, including physiotherapy, podiatry and hand therapy
  • a consultation with one of our specialists.

Stage 3 – ongoing care or discharge

  • If you need ongoing care you will stay with the King’s MSK service for your treatment and may be seen be our other specialists, as needed.
  • If your treatment is complete, we will discharge you back to the care of your GP.